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Facing the Fear

Faye Bullock | Facing the Fear

The world of dentistry is more than just teeth and oral health. For us, we see dentistry as a partnership beyond the chair. It’s about confidently reclaiming moments that make life more meaningful, like we were able to with patient Faye.

Dental Anxiety

Feeling nervous or experiencing dental anxiety is not uncommon, we understand that it can be a daunting process to be sat in the dental chair.

For Faye, the dental chair had always been a source of apprehension. Past experiences meant visiting the dentist had become rather nerve-wracking. So, understandably, when Faye’s dentures needed attention, nerves prevented her from visiting the dentist.

And the impact of not having dental treatment was beginning to detrimentally affect Faye’s quality of life. Not only was Faye experiencing physical discomfort, but she lacked the confidence to let herself fully smile, hiding her teeth and holding back amongst others which led to social anxiety.

Working Together

Having been recommended to her, Faye found the courage to book an appointment at The Dentists with Dr Adam Durning. And her journey, to overcoming her dental anxiety and restoring her beautiful smile, started.

Faye was keen to find a dentistry team that didn’t treat their patients like just a box to be ticked, but as actual people. It’s a value that we share with her, we see our patients like family and treat them as such. Faye was included in all the decision making, working in partnership with The Dentist team to find the best solution for her, which in this case was replacing the loose dentures with implants.

At The Dentist, we know that being asked to make decisions about your treatment can be difficult, especially if you do experience dental anxiety. Even more so, if you’re asked whilst in the dental chair, it can leave you feeling vulnerable.

It’s why we want to make your experience as stress-free as possible (life has enough stresses, you don’t need another one!), fully discussing every aspect of your treatment first before you sit in the dental chair, so that when we start you feel assured and confident.


An Ongoing Partnership

Faye first visited The Dentist 32 years ago and it’s been a lasting relationship, as Faye has been returning ever since for her regular check ups with Dr Adam Durning. Now when it’s time for Faye to have another treatment, she is confident in the process and has turned her apprehension into a triumph of courage and trust.

Regaining Her Quality of Life

After regaining her oral health, Faye’s quality of life vastly improved. Physically, she no longer experiences discomfort, but her biggest change has been in rediscovering the confidence she had lost and letting her smile fully shine.

And it’s this that is truly special to us at The Dentists. Because for us, our care doesn’t stop at your teeth. We’re here to forge partnerships with you. Faye’s journey is one of confidence and collaboration. It stands to remind us of the incredible influence of oral health. Within each dental case lies a personal story, one that can include overcoming obstacles, and results in life-changing transformations, one radiant smile at a time.


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