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as much as you do

Congratulations!! You are nearly there and about to graduate.


We know it’s been one crazy journey and you have worked hard to get to this point.

Your learning doesn’t end now, but it really only begins with your next step. Weigh up your options carefully, make sure you choose someone to work for that aligns with your values and is as keen as you are. Here is a bit about The Dentists and what we believe in.

Here at The Dentists, we believe that oral health is fundamental for life long well-being. We take a holistic approach with care for the patient at the heart of everything we do and have knowledge to deliver better outcomes.

It’s Vital…Laugh, talk, eat, kiss, breathe

Mentoring at The Dentists

In order to help our graduates to get to a place of confidence and knowledge, we have built a strong graduate program. Our program has a few key pillars to success:

Mentor Relationship

Our mentors are highly qualified dentists with years of experience. More importantly, we know how to help you achieve your potential. Want to read more? Check out Meet The Team

The Team

The Team at The Dentists is part of why our graduate dentists love coming to work. Being surrounded by like-minded people that are keen to share their knowledge and experiences makes work a more fulfilling journey. Our team is a team of lifelong learners and mentors.

Teaching time

On top of the time a graduate spends with their mentor and with patients, our team has key times they get together to share and learn from each other. A weekly meeting to get the graduates together ensures the ability to ask questions and hear from others. Additionally, further development opportunities are given to learn from industry leaders.

Our Why

Every person or organisation has some deep seeded reason for their being.

This is known as their ‘why’. For example Steve Job’s was “Challenge the status quo”.

Here at The Dentists our “Why, How, What” is:


Oral health is fundamental for lifelong well-being.

It is not only important to know why we are doing what we do, but also ‘How’ we achieve it and ‘What’ we are doing to get our ‘Why’ out to the public.


Our knowledge, care and holistic approach deliver better outcomes.


Oral health care delivered at the highest quality across all practices, with care for the patient at the heart of everything we do.

We choose our graduate dentists based on whether they align with our values. We truly only want to employ staff that believe in this as much as we do. This gives us a joint compass to live by, and it is our goal to get a graduate dentist to a place where they feel confident to deliver on what we promise to our patients.


If this sparks your interest and your values align with ours, then let’s chat. Apply below

The Dentists Jobs

Reference # 498
Location Tauranga, Taradale, Rotorua, Whanganui, Taupo
Job Title Graduate Placements
Date Closes 30 Apr 2022
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About to graduate?

We are always on the lookout for the best graduates to join our team. Apply today


Reference # 947
Location Rotorua
Job Title Oral Health Therapist | OHT
Date Closes 30 Jun 2022
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Join the dental practice where you can actually do what’s best for your patient

An exciting career opportunity is now available for an OHT to join our premier dental group with full books with work ranging from hygiene, to orthodontics and therapy.

This full-time position is perfect for an OHT that is looking to step into a rewarding and challenging role as a key member of our Rotorua dental team (graduates are welcome to apply). With a large team in Rotorua, there is plenty to learn, mentoring and a great team environment. We offer a competitive pay rate for the right candidate.

At the Dentists NZ, we are more than just dentists and we care about more than just teeth. We are dedicated advocates for our patients, vital to their overall health and wellbeing and to helping them live full and happy lives. We are seeking someone who shares our values and commitment and has a passion for achieving the best outcomes for each and every patient. 

Join us at our practice situated in Rotorua. As part of this well-established practice and our larger group, you will be a key member of a knowledgeable and dedicated team with access to everything that you need through mentoring and development opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed. By taking advantage of our proven structure, tools, systems, and processes, all developed through real-life experience, you won’t have to sweat the details and can concentrate on what really matters… helping patients. 

We look to create the right environment for our employees. We want you to be able to utilise the full scope of the practice and you will usually have a nurse available to you when required to support you in the pre and post of your appointments, as well as the freedom to use longer appointment slots when required. We offer the use of a range of tools and are constantly looking to upgrade to the latest tech. Currently, you will get to use OPG/CBCT Xrays, intra and extra oral cameras to support you in diagnosis in our Rotorua practice.

If you feel you are a good fit, have the right attitude, and can build relationships with both patients and staff we want to hear from you.


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